• Disruption and Innovation

Disruption of Auto Lending Industry

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending for car purchases, utilizing car titles as collateral, offers a dynamic avenue for private lenders and borrowers to engage in mutually beneficial transactions. Private lenders, leveraging online platforms, assess potential borrowers' profiles, including credit history and the vehicle's value against the loan amount. With the collateral of the car title, lenders mitigate risk, making the investment enticing.

Diversification is a key strategy for lenders. By spreading their investments across multiple borrowers, they minimize exposure to individual default risks. P2P platforms facilitate this diversification by offering a range of borrowers with varying risk profiles and loan requirements. Lenders can allocate funds across different loans based on their risk appetite and return expectations.

For borrowers, P2P lending provides an alternative financing option with potentially competitive interest rates compared to traditional lenders. The process is streamlined, with online platforms offering convenience and accessibility.

In the event of default, lenders can repossess the vehicle, safeguarding their investment. However, the goal is for borrowers to fulfill their repayment obligations, maintaining trust and fostering a positive lending environment.

Overall, P2P lending with car title collateral empowers both lenders and borrowers by facilitating efficient transactions, risk mitigation through diversification, and accessible financing for car purchases.

Our Disruption Lending Model


Advantages of Our Model

  • Competitive interest rates for investors
  • Potentially high returns for investors
  • Accessibility and convenience
  • Diverse loan options
  • Security & Transparency of Blockchain smart contracts
  • Reputable, licensed Auto Finance company founded in 1934
  • Diversification across borrowers
  • Low transaction Fees

How It Works

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New, state of the art CRM for Lender’s, Dealer’s & Customers

Our ongoing development focuses on creating an integrated CRM system that serves as the backbone of a comprehensive Mobile App. Presently, car and truck dealerships grapple with the necessity of subscribing to various costly software solutions like MegaSys, Dealer Track, Dealer Center, Route One, Nada, and GPS Tracking, incurring an annual expense of $35,000. Moreover, there's a glaring absence of a comprehensive CRM system catering to the needs of both peer-to-peer (P2P) lenders and borrowers within the automotive industry.

Our innovative CRM solution addresses these challenges by offering a single platform that seamlessly connects Car/Truck dealerships, P2P lenders, and borrowers. Not only does it consolidate essential functionalities such as inventory management, customer relationship management, and GPS tracking, but it also facilitates P2P lending operations. The system calculates monthly payments, interest, and principal, while automating late payment charges and connecting dealers with repossession companies through GPS tracking if borrower failed to pay monthly fees.

By replacing multiple costly software subscriptions with our all-encompassing CRM system, we significantly reduce expenses for dealerships while offering a comprehensive solution for P2P lending activities. This represents a paradigm shift in efficiency and affordability within the automotive industry.