• Q.Was my online payment received?
    A. After you make an online payment, you’ll receive a confirmation number on the screen. You may print and save for your records.
  • Q. When will my online payment be posted to my account?
    A.You will receive credit from the date of your online transaction. Please note it may take 2-3 business days to post the payment to your account.
  • Q. Is there any penalty for an early payoff?
    A. No. You can request a payoff by calling our Customer Service department at 855-202-8800 Ext. 3
  • Q.I recently paid off my loan. When will I receive my title?
    A.The certificate of title or lien satisfied is sent to the authorized party (person or entity who paid off the loan). You’ll receive your title in 10 business days after a final payment is received. Second requests will be charged a $15 service fee.
  • Q. Is there a grace period for late payments?
    A.Payments are required to be made by the due date listed in your contract.
  • Q. Are there any late fees?
    A.This is a NO grace period loan. A late fee is applied 10-15 days after your payment is due depending on which state you signed your contract. For example, in New York if your payment is due on the 5th of each month, it must be received by the 14th to avoid a late fee.
  • Q. What if I move?
    A.Please call our customer service department at 855-202-8800 EXT. 3 to advice us of any changes to your address & phone numbers.
  • Q. Do I need insurance coverage?
    A.Yes. Your contract includes a requirement to maintain comprehensive & collision on your vehicle. Auto factors, Inc must be added as Lienholder. Upon receipt of coverage have your agent fax it to: (973) 625-2300.
  • Q. What if my car is in an accident?
    A.You need to inform our insurance adjust representative at (973) 625-2400 if your car is in an accident.