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About Us

Auto Factors Inc.

is an automobile finance company founded in 1932. We specialize in financing customers who are either establishing or rebuilding their credit. We also provide excellent service to used-car dealers, helping them to achieve their goal in obtaining financing for their buyers.

Fair Lending Practice

Auto Factors Inc. is committed to the spirit and letter of fair lending laws that are designed to promote fair and equal access to credit in all states in which we are currently licensed.

Serving New York, New Jersey and Texas.
Florida (coming soon)

Analysis and planning

In the auto lending business, meticulous analysis and strategic planning are paramount. Examining market trends, borrower profiles, and risk factors guides effective decision-making. Thoughtful planning ensures competitive loan offerings, risk mitigation, and sustainable growth in this dynamic industry.

Selection and strategy

In the auto lending business, strategic selection and execution are critical. Identifying viable borrowers, assessing creditworthiness, and crafting tailored lending strategies maximize profitability while minimizing risk. Smart selection of loan products and flexible strategies ensure competitiveness and long-term success in this competitive market.

Success and profit

Success in auto lending hinges on prudent risk management and maximizing profit. By effectively evaluating borrower creditworthiness, offering competitive loan terms, and minimizing defaults, lenders secure sustainable profitability. Adaptability to market changes and efficient operations further enhance success, ensuring long-term viability in this lucrative industry.


Years of Journey

  • February 1932

    Jefferson Credit Corp Started

    Founded in 1932 by Ralph Haber, Jefferson Credit Corp has been a trusted lender for nearly a century, offering financial solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of its customers with integrity and reliability.

  • May 1994

    Jefferson Credit Corp rebranded into Auto Factors Inc

    In 1994, Jefferson Credit Corp underwent a transformative rebranding, emerging as Auto Factors Inc. This change reflected its evolution while maintaining a commitment to excellence in automotive financing services.

  • June 2006

    Rada Lev became senior loan analist

    In 2006, Rada Lev ascended to the role of Senior Loan Officer at Auto Factors Inc, showcasing expertise and dedication in facilitating financial solutions, further enhancing the company's reputation for excellence.

  • July 2023

    Auto Factors Inc acquired by Rada Lev / Ross Lavni

    Rada Lev and Ross Lavni acquired Auto Factors Inc, fortifying the company's financial prowess with their sales and finance licenses, ensuring continued excellence in the provision of tailored financial solutions.

  • January 2024

    Start of the P2P Lending Model development

Why Choose Us

We make car financing easy. If you're looking to purchase your next vehicle Auto Factors is here to help save you time and money. Find your best, qualified rate options today.

  • 92 Years Combine Experience Auto Factors operating since 1932 formerly known as Jefferson Credit Corp
  • 24/7 Support Round-the-clock assistance, available every hour, every day, for continuous support and service
  • Service with love Our team of experts have handled any and all credit situations and we pride ourselves in getting you financed for a vehicle you can feel good about
  • Extensive Car Inventory Vast car selection sourced from hundreds of reputable dealers, ensuring quality and variety for customers.
  • Upfront Pricing Search in-stock inventory and get an upfront price offer from a local dealer.
  • High interest rates for investors Competitive high returns for investors, Accessibility and convenience

How We Work

We make car financing easy. If you're looking to purchase your next vehicle Auto Factors is here to help save you time and money. Find your best, qualified rate options today.

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Search For a New or Used Car

New: Find the new car you want and see what others are paying.

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Apply online & Lock The Savings

Give Auto Factors a call when you have selected your vehicle to finalize your financing, and your check and loan documents will be on their way. Used: Search the extensive inventory for the perfect used car.

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Visit dealer — drive away happy

Visit your Certified Dealer and test drive your car. Love it? Let the dealership know you have financing approved with Auto Factors.

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